the Stutterers' Clinic

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stutterers or stammerers must be heard! Give us the 'Speaking-Time' to express ourselves; in the classroom, associations or in the community. A disability which is not obvious, yet many get startled whenever we endeavor to be heard #supportthespeechimpaired #IwritetoRaiseFunds

The Stutterers' Confidence and Hope in the Centre's delivery

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Promoting Individuality @ the Autistic 'Wonder-world'
                                                               (HB Centre)
an instructional book for restoring fluency

HB Centre @ the Universal Street kids Academy, James Town - on CSR

Genevieve (speech impaired), expressing herself in speech 
stutterers undergoing teachings on the rudiments to overcome

participants admiring impacting activities of the day

stutterers' clinic @ the British Council - Accra

indoor practical activities to overcome

participants joyfully involved in indoor activities

some facilitators of the day 

speech impaired groups taking assessment

interesting practical activities of the Centre towards overcoming

'they may forget what we said, but they will never forget how we made them feel!' 

Ewurche (the brilliant participant) winks at the speaker

                             #TV Africa with the Honour-Barbara Centre at the Stutterers' Clinic

Do you wish to Perfect your Speech?
Are you aware that Stuttering or Stammering can be overcome (curable)?
Do you want to experience a better life by overcoming speaking stress (stammering) and speak fluently?
Do you have friends and family who have difficulty in speaking/bringing out words?



                 By sending your details [Name, Age, Contacts, Email, Location] to

At the Honour-Barbara Centre, 'Speaking is Life...Speech is Ultimate!' 


  1. Do you believe stuttering or stammering can be overcome?
    Do you know anyone who has overcome stress in speaking?
    please let's hear from you to help another. blessings

  2. Literarily, every one stutters or stammers at a point in time. There is no voluntary stutterer or stammerer. You can try being a voluntary stutterer to overcoming stuttering. H.B.

  3. Competitively, stutterers are complacent to stutter when they meet fellow stutterers in conversation. This helps foster speech perfection and fluency amongst the speech impaired.
    We encourage stutterers' associations! It is time to look out for a stutterer in your community or workplace and help them by showing care and directing them to the Honour-Barbara Centre. Love you!

  4. An awesome project !Great work ..We bless GOD for such a vision. VERY PROUD OF you and hoping for the best .

  5. thanks loads Fafa! Support this project by inviting your friends to to this site, Best!